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Blue Mood

Nothing beats more than a cup of coffee. A café vanille, that is.

Sheer cape top: Custom-made

Trousers: Zara | Shoulder bag: Steve Madden

Ceramic J12 Watch: Chanel

Electric blue flats: H&M

Story behind a clothing investment:

Ever watched the movie ‘Confessions of a Shopaholic’? There was a scene there wherein the protagonist, Rebecca Bloomwood, who is struggling inside a boutique shop of whether to buy a pair of Pucci boots on 50% sale or not. The exact situation happened to me late last week. As I was walking by the stores of Ayala, confident and frugal, I happen to see this pair of electric blue suede flats from H&M also on 50% mark down and the last one of my size. I fervently repeated asking myself “Do I need these?” for about 15 times (or was it more than that? I lost track) while roaming around the outlet carrying the item close to my chest (in fear that somebody else might take it). Obviously, the impulsive-shopper-ego won.

Achieving this shot kinda took awhile as we were faced with a few factors such as the wind. also racing against time before the sun sets.

Outtakes with two of my best friends.

Catch their stunning instagram feed: @iam.regie and @antgibsinco



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