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It's quite a challenge living in a country where the climate is bipolarly tropical. (I'm not really sure if there's a 'bipolarly' adverb. I just made that up Lols 😅). See you can't really tell whether it's going to be sunny or rain real hard. It's utterly unpredictable, even those weather apps aren't of any help.

When we did this shoot, my friend Gibben and I were literally racing against time and the rain. We know it's probably going to rain anytime soon owing to the dark and cloudy skies, so we hurriedly grabbed our cameras.

Turtleneck crop top: Gift | Leggings: Topvalu

My first time actually to sport a crop top, thought I'd pull it off.

Watch: Fossil

Kimono: Custom-made

Peep-toe slingback heels: So Fab!

Few selfies with my friend photographer before wrapping it up.

Next photoshoot will probably be after my endorsement exam. I will be isolating myself from the world for two weeks.



#ootd #black #white #lookbook

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