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Turkey Day


There are alot of things I am grateful for.

I thank the Lord Almighty for the many blessings and opportunities He has accorded me with.

For the gift of parents. Thank you for being God’s instrument in making all things and my dreams possible, especially financially hehehe. I couldn't ask for anyone whose ever accepting and understanding for the way I am.

For the gift of family. Thank you to my aunt, uncle and cousins for welcoming me into their home. Thank you to my grandmothers for being ever supportive in preparation for exams and school document-related errands. Thank you to my brothers for keeping up with me and my attitude and for being considerate (sometimes) when I study. Thank you to the rest of my extended family who prayed with me for the success of my exams and for all the pocket moneys I asked hehehe.

For the gift of education. Thank you for all the achievements I have accomplished. I couldn't be any happier than passing all exams I undertook; the Philippine local board exam, TOEFL exam, and the dreaded NPTE US state board exam. Thank you for rewarding me my New York license. Thank you for the knowledge and skills in driving, license included.

For the gift of travel. Thank you for the opportunity to witness the coronation of the 65th Miss Universe in Manila. Thank you for the tours I had in South Korea, Hawaii and in some states in the mainland. I can still recall the moment when I was flying from Honolulu bound for Los Angeles. Just the thought that I'm actually already in America, I can’t help but be teary-eyed. Thank you to my agents for overseeing my travel itineraries.

For the gift of friends. Thank you for always being there in times of going out and in times of not going out.


Happy Thanksgiving!!

Fun Fact: Around 46 million turkeys 🦃 are being eaten across the United States on Thanksgiving Day.



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