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Plains and Plaids

On my first Disneyland California adventure, I may have dressed for the affair but certainly not for the weather. Autumn season in SoCal is a bit strange and peculiar. *It can be quite sultry in the middle of the day and frigidly cold at night. So, **tiis ganda.

Turtleneck Longsleeves: 14th & Union by Nordstrom | Faux Fur-lined Hooded Coat: Ike Behar | Black Leggings: Gift | Bag: LD by Ross | Shoes: @ladygratitude

* The adjectives used to the degree of heat and cold are in reference to my body type and the amount of fat that insulates my body, it may differ from your case hahah

** Tiis ganda, in literal english translation, 'to endure or withstand looking good'

📷 #bloggerbestie Hanz Libato, check out his blog at This Is Hanz



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