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Home to arts, music, sports and basically all things pop culture, Venice Beach attracts visitors from all over the world, including me. On the west end of state route 90, this alluring district of LA is a haven for hipsters, giving off bohemian-ish vibes and also 420-friendly (if you know what I mean *wink wink* 😉).

A plethora of street performers and thrift shops coupled with a promenade spanning over 2 miles, one can just wonder how breathtaking the views are in the west coast.

Speaking of views, Hanz and I were literally racing against time and twilight trying not to miss the majestic sunset in Venice. And the results didn't disappoint, scroll down for more.

Literally had to steer clear from moving cars, kidding! The traffic lights have an all-way stop for pedestrians giving me approximately 20 seconds to snap. It probably is the norm for tourists around here but this is what I'd call a do-or-die-middle-of-an-intersection-all-for-the-gram-Venice-sign-shot.

Enduring a 50-ish degree beach condition with a sleeveless, short shorts and a semi-exposed back for a photoshoot is definitely one for the books. Not the best idea I've had so far! I had to borrow a denim jacket from Hanz in between shots. Lol 😅

Follow your dreams. If I'm your dream, then follow me. 😅

Look through the lens and you'll see a candid and carefree soul.

Apparently, these flying creatures were the subject of a photographer before I started chasing them. In my defense, I really DIDN'T know. I swear. 🙋🏻‍♀️

To whoever that person was, I hope he finds me and gives me a copy of the photos he had of me hehehe.

Side note: There are speculations, though not yet confirmed, that Venice Beach will be the hosting venue for Skateboarding and 3x3 Basketball in the LA 2028 Olympics.

📷 #bloggerbestie Hanz Libato, check out his blog at This is Hanz



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