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Paint The Town Red

What's good, Boston? Do you hear wedding bells ring? I do, as one of my closest friend just got engaged. On that note, I decided to arrive in shades of red to celebrate love, compassion and romance; red coat, red earrings, red lippies and a hint of red tartan plaid stole. I will also be sharing here on how I managed to trick her into paying for my bus tickets to and from Boston for her own surprise proposal LOL.

Look closely you'll see both of my hands matched with the theme as well. It was so cold, like around the teens, I had to put on my gloves in between takes. #tiisganda

This Michael Kors red coat means so much to me because this was given to me by my mom's patient before she died. She wasn't able to make it back to the east coast again that's why I wanted to take a piece of her with me.

So yeah, the story goes: my friend's boyfriend hit me up last year about the surprise proposal. (Side note: my speech was made and finished that same day lol). Anyway, so he finally came up with the date and out of nowhere, I had the strangest idea of having her pay for my bus tickets from New York and going back. So I called her and told it's for a dental surgery. She happily obliged and sent me $65 no questions asked. 😅

Coat: Michael Kors | Top: New York & Co. | Scarf: Aldo | Bag: Aldo | Earrings: Amazon | Boots: H&M

📷: Macky Tagki



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