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Pinkie Swear

Freezing in Utah as usual. But is it ever really cold to be pretty? I beg to differ. Queue in: pastel-colored down jackets. Downs are the soft under feathers from geese, ducks or a combination of both which by the way, are byproducts for food adhering to standards to ascertain cruelty-free to these animals. As a rule of thumb, one thing and probably the most important thing to consider when picking a jacket for the bitterly cold winter is its fill-power. The number on the tag is actually the volume an ounce of down occupies, trapping more air and maintaining warmth. So basically the higher the value is, the more insulated is the jacket. Top quality downs that are reliable for extremely frigid temperatures ranges from 750 or 800 to 900.

This cute pastel pink down jacket from Old Navy doesn't really have a high fill-power, maybe around 500 or so. But what lacks in insulation, makes up for a très chic statement and a polished style amidst polar degrees. And water-resistant too.

The following outfit shots were taken right next to a crater, more like a spring reserve which is open to everyone who is up for a 90 degree swim. Unfortunate for me, I wasn’t prepared with a swimming ootd.

Jacket: Old Navy | Scarf: H&M | Bag: Forever 21 | Ushanka: Futrzane | Watch: Nine West | Boots: H&M | Nails: @fuwnharry | Sunnies: Alexander McQueen

Disclaimer: All clothes worn with fur are faux and no animals were harmed. Looking at you again, PETA.

📷: Hanz Libato



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