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Skydive Hawaii

Drumroll to the highlight (okay the second highlight, next to the exam) of my short Hawaiian getaway. Being the daredevil that I am, I have high regard for trying thrill-seeking, adrenaline-rushing adventures. And skydiving is definitely one of the legit bucket list entry I wanted to try; especially at the world's most beautiful dropzone.

Skydive Hawaii offers Tandem Skydiving which is, in essence, an exhilarating free fall through the Hawaiian skies with a tandem instructor for a minute or so with speed at approximately 120 mph. Moreover, it is the safest way to skydive for first timers.

Repacking parachutes by professional and licensed instructors accredited by the United States Parachute Association.

A few instructions on what to do and particularly what not to do and we're ready to fly. Just wanna set the records straight though, the hand gestures were choreographed by the videographer. 😅

I will explain what 'shaka 🤙🏻' is and how it came to be on my next blog post.

Rising to an altitude of 12,000 ft above Hawaii's North Shore.

Trying to look seemingly calm, nonchalant and contained although I could really hear my heart racing. #tachycardia

Time to jump. No way out but down. 🤾🏻‍♂️🤾🏻‍♀️

*Insert virtual screaming* 😲 Because as much I would like to scream my heart out, I can't. Everytime I open my mouth, a surge of air comes in. So yeah, I did it mentally instead while holding on for dear life. 😅

I swear I look like a hamster or a flying squirrel here. Hahahhaha 😅

The scariest thing next to falling was the parachute maneuvering. We made very very sharp turns and a lot of spinning, thanks to my instructor who did it intentionally to scare the beejeebers out of me.

As gravity slowly pulling down, I got the privilege to enjoy a breathtaking view of North Shore and a glimpse to the rest of O'ahu Island (only this time, not on a window seat of a passenger airline 😉).

TOUCHDOWN EARTH! Notice how remarkably pale my face was. Hahahah 😅Though I'm pretty sure there were three ways on how to land a parachute according to his mid-air lectures, I wasn't so sure which one we employed. I'd definitely try skydiving again. Perhaps next time, I'll get some lessons so I can do it myself.

Well, there goes my $$$ 😅

Crop top: Bellelily | Leggings: Gift | Watch: DMax by Bhavana Melwani | Shoes: Lady Gratitude

Full video clip:

Many thanks to my tandem instructor, for basically keeping me alive; to Kainoa, the videographer; and to Alison, photo and video editor.

Shuttle bus to the dropzone at Dillingham Airfield included; only on selected hotels.

For rates, FAQs or reservations: visit or email at

Mahalo nui loa ia 'oe!! 🌺



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