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Pōʻino i Waikiki

We've experienced the best of Hawaii, and we've also experienced, well not really the worst, let's just say adversities. Thus the title, 'Pōʻino i Waikiki'. It is the literal translation for 'Bad luck in Waikiki' in the native Hawaiian language.

A vacation wouldn't be complete without a few setbacks, now would it? My friend and I had a fair share to these few setbacks and as shameful as it is to recount the events, we fell victims to unwarranted looting. Apparently, some 'Swiper' managed to swipe our bag, and we weren't there to tell him "No Swiping". 🦊😅 Flashback to 15 minutes earlier, strolling along Waikiki Beach and meticulously looking for a perfect scene to photoshoot. At long last, we found one, left our things at a table and went on. I could still remember us saying, "Maybe we should leave our stuff to those Filipinos at the next table?". But we also unreasonably added, "Nahh, we're in America. What could go wrong?" And that's when it all went wrong.

We might have gotten insta-worthy shots but going back to a sight of an empty table feels like playing at a casino wherein the cards were not in favor of you, and you realize it was a bad deal indeed.

The things we lost were mostly apparels, so yeah, if there's any consolation at least. Although on the bright side, all major valuables were kept safe in my shoulder bag.

It's funny 'cause after a good 30-minute search and interrogation to beachgoers, we found ourselves at a local police station in Waikiki and reported the incident. I could still remember the face of the policewoman who received us and kept my friend calm.

Lesson: Place a GPS tracking device to all belongings; or better yet, an alarm-sounding device. Jk 😅 Be responsible, of course. And do not leave valuables unattended, even if it's America, for the world is dark and full of terrors. 🔥

The following photos were taken during the 'swiping':

Top: Gift | Cover-up: H&M | Bag: Nine West | Sandals: Baclaran

The original plan was to change to a swimming outfit, look for a guy with a surf board to borrow and have our pictures taken. We actually got a surfboard though, only minus the speedos which were probably in good hands already. 😅

Trying to turn things around with good comfort food. It's just a bad day, not a bad life.

Teddy's Bigger Burgers, definitely a must try. 🍔🍟

📷 Kriemlyn Gajo



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