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Waking Up In Vegas

INTERSTATE ROAD TRIP! Braving the hot desert climate in one of the sunniest, driest and least humid places in all of United States. With nearly a three-digit temperature reaching upto 99°F on that one fine weekend.

Passing by the Mojave Desert 🌵

Quick stopover at the small town of Ludlow, CA for gas, snacks and call of nature.

Lace Top: Haute Monde by Ross | Shorts: @stilesclothing | Flats: Payless | Hat: Promod | Sunnies: The Grove Bazaar, LA | Watch: Fossil

Four hours and a million sing-a-longs later, Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas!! 🎆🎲🎰

The Las Vegas Strip is a 4 mile-length boulevard lined with upscale, AAA four and five diamond casino hotels, resorts, restaurants, performance venues and shopping centers, which by far, is the epitome of quintessential.

Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino

Paris Las Vegas Hotel & Casino

The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace

Las Vegas essentials, rum coke included of course. 🍹

The beautifully choreographed dancing Fountains of Bellagio. We were able to witness one show with three productions. My favorite was 'My heart will go on' by Celine Dion from the movie 'Titanic'. Shows differ by day and time, click here for details.

Caesars Palace

Why limit happy to an hour? It's always happy hour in Las Vegas, beybehh!! 🍹

Speaking of which, there is a small bar in Planet Hollywood called Evening Call for tourists on-the-go. I requested for the cocktail drink ‘Vegas Lai’ (mommy approved and recommended). It’s basically a fusion mix of Mai Tai Island Punch and Rum. But what's so special about their frozen drink is their souvenir container shaped like a hookah. At the back of my mind, I just had to have one for souvenir sake.

Treasure Island Hotel & Casino and The Venetian Las Vegas

Floral Romper: Mine by TJ Maxx | Flats: Abound by Nordstrom | Hat: Promod | Sunnies: The Grove Bazaar, LA | Watch: Fossil

Love Love Love 💕

I was supposed to meet my college classmates, Arthur, who resides in Las Vegas and Henry and Martin, who were coincidentally also in the city that weekend. So we planned to go experience how the nightlife scene is in the Entertainment Capital of the World. It was settled, Hakkasan Nightclub at the MGM Grand it is. For ticket reservations, click here. *FYI: Steve Aoki will be the guest DJ on New Year's Eve*

The line started to get packed by the minute. But thankfully, guest list. 💁🏻 I was getting anxious thinking maybe I was underdressed or what. Little did I know, I was about to face an even serious and bigger predicament. Being the halfwitted and irresponsible person that I am, I carelessly left my freakin' passport in California. I only had my Philippine PRC license with me and some frequent flyer miles cards. Denied entry, because for obvious reasons, it is a MUST. I mean, Las Vegas wouldn't be nicknamed Sin City for no reason, right? I was literally on the verge of tipping the attendant some cha-ching $$. I even begged for admission at the club with fake tears. 😅 It didn't work though.

I wouldn't want to be the bearer of 'bad trip' and ruin their rave, I decided to call it a night and leave for South Point Hotel where my fambam was waiting. They have this Late Night Special at the Coronado Café which offers a set of steak, eggs, hash browns, toast and jelly for $4.95, only from midnight until 6 AM. 🥩🍳🥪🍞🍯

Going back, while waiting for my turn for the cab, two men (probably of the same age range as I am) clearly noticed the long face. They bought a bottle of water from a nearby vendo and offered it to me. #faithinhumanityrestored They were actually also leaving the bustle of MGM and opted for a lowkey music shindig. Nice to know they put their good looks into good use and kindness.

Apparently this was the only photo I had with my friends.

'Til next time, Vegas. 👋🏻 For sure, I will bring a valid ID!!



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