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Behold Bohol

Jairus takes Bohol!

It’s our first time actually to travel alone without our parents and only the househelp to chaperon. Thanks to my persuasive skills, I got my mom to agree to a 3-day vacation in Bohol and reasoned out that my little brother wasn’t included in our last trip there when we went 10 years ago. *wink wink*

Cold-shoulder top: @stilesclothing | Palazzo pants: H&M | Sandals: Gap, New York

The Danao Adventre Park is about 72 km up north from Tagbilaran City and is home to some of the adrenaline-inducing activities that will surely activate your sympathetic system.

This one in particular is a view from the SkyRide which costs Php 250/person and spans an exhilarating 20 minutes of thrill over the Wahig River.

This next one is the main reason why, in the first place, we were determined to go the long way north. It's called 'The Plunge', an interesting attraction that swings you down unto the canyon with a 75-meter free fall. But to our dismay, it was under maintenance and workers had to run a few tests with sacks of soil. I swear, I'll come back or perhaps somewhere else that's similar to this one so I could finally crash it out from my bucketlist.

Located in a small town at the heart of Bohol is our next attraction, the famous 'Chocolate Hills' of Carmen. It's quite hard to catch a solitary photo op of the hills with a large crowd overtaking one after the other.

Entrance fee: Php 50.00

Alas! After some elbow-striking and foot-stepping, I got my turn. Kidding! 😅 Don't mind the messy hair, by the way. It's the wind, just in case you're wondering.

I call this pose, the 'Sit at your own risk hashtag death-defying pose'. 😂 I was literally sitting on a railing which happens to be at the edge of the hill. Also, I overheard some tourists in another dialect which I distinctively recognize saying "If that one falls down, I'm not sure where to pick him up". In my mind I was like, "Duhh at the bottom of this hill, of course" hahah. But thank heavens, I didn't slip.

Box top and Cullottes: @stilesclothing

Catching one last glimpse of this natural wonder before heading down to try ATV bikes.

ATV rental costs Php 450/person for 30 minutes. Plus, it's really easy to learn as well! To accelerate, just push a small button then hitting the brakes would essentially stop. It's that simple.

Basically, the route is a tour around the base of the hills. Initially, I was very hesitant of getting dirty (if you notice my legs on top of the hood trying to avoid all forms of grime 😩).

Then.. FTW that moment when I forgot I'm OC and no longer care if I get mud all over my outfit. #YOLO

Special mention to the driver of our hotel car for giving us this bright and, not to mention, expensive idea of experiencing motosports without even caring that he will have to clean the car afterwards.

Next stop, XZootic Animal Park featuring an albino python and a scaredycat. But seriously, I can't help but notice my brother's shirt worn INSIDE OUT and BACKWARDS after washing off from the ATVenture. 😅

Friendly monkeys who love to shake hands.

Note: They never wanna let go. Ever.

Entrance fee: Php 45.00

The municipality of Loboc is a 45-minute drive from the capital. It houses the world famous Loboc Children's Choir, the historic Loboc Church and needless to say, the floating restaurant that's drawing more and more local and foreign tourists alike, the "Loboc River Cruise".

Cruise prices vary by age.

Php 450.00 - 12 years and above

Php 350.00 - 9 to 11 years old

Php 225.00 - 4 to 8 years old

Free of charge - 0 to 3 years old

Ending the trip with lots of accounting and bookkeeping. 😲The price I have to pay for being the mastermind behind this random and hastily planned but a much-needed excursion. #familyauditor

Special thanks to Ms. Erika Luab of Metrocentre Hotel for arranging our travel itinerary.



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