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Snow Be It

This trip in particular, has a lot of firsts. First time to ever step foot in Utah, first time skiing, first time to see a moose and first time flying United (and probably my last). Let me begin with the check-in process: there were self check-in kiosks in La Guardia but not a single agent was there to help out with operations, especially with the luggage. Next, in-flight: there was no flight tracker on screen and I was stuck with ESPN replaying the same video over and over for the remainder of my flight. And lastly, flight connection: How do you expect a traveler to transfer from Concourse B to Concourse C of Terminal 1 in Chicago's O'Hare International Airport in a span of 20 minutes instead of 40 minutes because the first flight was delayed? Actually you can, though you may be very worn out from the mile-sprint with bouts of shortness of breath. Lesson learned, stay loyal with your usual airline.

Rants aside, I'm so excited to share Day 1 of my Utah trip!! 10:36 am, I arrived in Salt Lake and grabbed an Uber (he was very friendly, by the way 😉) to Park City to which blogger beshtie Hanz claims to be 'The Greatest Snow on Earth'. I was left astonished 'cause he was right. I haven't been to a lot of places where snow is existent, but what they have is ultra-fine, lightweight and powdery which I believe is best for deep-powder skiing and snowboarding.

The following photos were taken at a snow-covered meadow across our hotel, Double Tree by Hilton Hotels. #HiltonHonors

The faux fur hat is a type of cossack hat called 'ushanka' which is derived from the Russian word ushi (у́ши) meaning ears. It is commonly worn in Eastern Europe and in the arctic regions of Russia during harsh winters.

This one I got from a Poland-based manufacturer, Futrzane.

The temperature was around the teens and if it isn't obvious enough with my skin-tight jeans, I had like two set of thermals underneath. That cold. 🥶

*cue in Elsa's song The cold never bothered me anyway* Just kidding, it does.

Coat: H&M | Sweater: H&M | Pants: Amazon | Scarf: Michael Kors | Bag: Louis Vuitton | Ushanka: Futrzane | Watch: Nine West | Boots: Just Fab | Nails: @fuwnharry

Disclaimer: All clothes worn with fur are faux and no animals were harmed. Looking at you again, PETA.



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